Embracing Technology And Creating Change

Speaker. Panellist. Advocate.


As a keynote speaker, panellist and advocate, I share my vision for creating cut-through leadership, digitalization and building diverse organizational cultures.

I am passionate about harnessing global organizations’ potential by enabling the c-suite to strike the right balance of purpose, values, strategy and results delivery. I am proud to be a courageous entrepreneur focusing on digitization, infrastructure and operational leadership in a technology-based world. 

I believe creating shared value is the new competitive advantage. As a speaker, presenter and panellist, I help people and organizations stand out in the marketplace by tapping into organizational value and unleashing a new generation of entrepreneurial leadership!  

How we reimagine the market place and establish our organization’s essence will help us identify and harness the entrepreneurial c-suite leaders for the future!   

Let’s start the conversations that matter; charting a new course where organisations, teams and future leaders are built for our times, being passionate, authentic, diverse.  

Conferences. Corporate Presentations. Panellist.


Are you ready to build great leadership and great teams? Does your organization understand the implications of technology on business? Are you able to adapt to the speed in which business today is evolving?

If we are going to make a difference, we must all be part of the global technology conversations. All great leaders today must be addressing the future of technology and digitization head on.  

As a keynote speaker, corporate presenter and advocate for the digital revolution, I unveil my entrepreneurial model ensuring your executive team is fit for the future, empowering the workforce and delivering value centred results now and in the future.

A gripping and engaging session which examines how the executive leadership mindset sets the pace and balance of an organisation encouraging your team to express their views, share their insights and discuss global technological shifts with greater transparency and authenticity. 

Get ready to encourage your teams and leadership to Be Digital, Be Courageous and Be Remarkable!

Leadership and Executive Briefings


How can today’s boards and c-suite executives lead and guide the conversation about technology’s impact on business trajectory? 

Technology is a crucial part of your global business strategies and boards, and new age c-suite professionals must elevate their engagement and collaboration with each other.

In this participative and engaging presentation, I share my new age leadership model, how it enhances the performance of global organisations and how to implement the model in a virtual world. 

Business strategy is now largely technology strategy with boards and high-performing c-suite professionals both leading technology positioning and helping business develop and implement technology enabled business strategies.

Purpose Beyond Profits

The Societal CEO Should Lead Social Progress!

Philanthropy has a new agenda: Creating Value!  

With my husband David, I am committed to charitable activities and together have founded The Grant Foundation. 

The foundation believes in equality for all; all lives matter, and the belief that we must all create an environment and incentives within society where everyone thrives.

Having experience in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors, I have found that the best results come from tapping into a purpose beyond profits and having a compassionate leadership model focused on giving and creating the right environments.

If your organisation is looking to attain the next competitive advantage focusing on profits is no longer enough!

The best organisations are focused on creating shared value!  In this compelling keynote I talk about how as top global executives we must create value through others! 

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